About Handuu Shop

Handuu Shop has been wholesaling many categories of products to all parts of USA, since 2015.

We do ship internationally too, depending upon the demand and availability of the product.

Special Offers

Depending on the markets demand Handuu Shop offers discounts on many products, that are obliged with the factory offer. Hence benefiting customers with the reduced price and the company warranty.

Additional Features

Not limited to the previously mentioned features, at Handuu Shop we strive to keep ourselves updated with the latest innovations and technologies to provide our customers with an improvised shopping experience.

Despite all the list of branded products, it would be the customer who would decide on the quality of the products and the efficiency of our service. Once you buy from us you will be happy that you made the right choice.

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How do we provide deals

As we at Handuu Shop, deal with directly the factory outlets we would be the first ones to grab any deal that comes out of any factory that provides discounts for the list of branded products that we sell.

Handuu Shop always provides special deals for all occasions it has been in the marketers group of providing people with a variety of daily products, on regular basis and more

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